National Night Out

One of my families favorite nights of the year!  Our local Fire Station participates in National Night Out and we love it!  All over the country communities are getting together and celebrating!  Food, face painting, games, you name it- it’s there and it’s fun and free! Thank you to our Police force and community partners! 

Get out and famfreely!

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Fun Freetober

October is one of the cheapest months of the year!  Think about it.. throw together a homemade costume=free!  Take your kids to a local festival=free!  And then take them trick or treating (possibly more than once)= FREE CANDY!  

The first year we had a baby we used a mouse costume our SIL gave us and created our costumes from things we had in the house.  3 Blind Mice- bada bing bada boom!

Halloween does not have to be expensive!  Go out and famfreely!

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