GroupMe & Marco Polo

These two apps (hands down) get used the most on my phone to help me connect. Sure, there is instagram and facebook, but to really connect connect I use GroupMe and Marco Polo. Have you heard of them? Do you currently use them?

GroupMe is the ultimate mommy group connection app. I connect with moms from church, preschool moms, birthday invites, random parties we throw invites, book club and anything else you can imagine. The benefit is it’s NOT a group text. Meaning I can set notifications to off and only check the group chats when I want, or I can let it ding ding whenever someone comments. Everyone in your group can comment, attach articles they’ve read, pictures they’ve taken, screenshots etc. I use this a lot for last minute play dates. “Hey, who wants to go to the park?” or “Who is already at a park?” Just today a friend posted about the green receipt deal at Chick-fil-A. Luckily I was already out and saw the message, swung on over to my beloved Chick- fil-A and grabbed the deal.

Marco Polo is perfect with connecting with family who live far away. We use it daily to send short videos to our family in California, Utah, Minnesota and Iowa. (Even my sister who lives 20 minutes away here in Texas). This app was created for connection. The purpose is to connect. I love that you can see the video live, or watch it when you are able to. We talk a lot about family concerns or send funny videos for everyone to see. My favorite thing to do is to send/ receive birthday messages. Who doesn’t love seeing your family on their birthday?

These are not affiliates nor sponsored posts. I’m too new to blogging to even think of that. I just really like these apps. So check them out!

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