Kids in the Kitchen

This morning my 7 yr old was in a funk. Super funky mood. Like there was no way to reason with her and she claimed she wasn’t able to move her legs because her tummy hurt, so therefore she couldn’t open the closet door. Anyways…

The thought popped in my head. “Do you want to cook your own eggs?” I definitely know that thought came from the Holy Ghost! She was so excited to cook!

Back story. This girl is in love with cooking and actually cooks a lot… with our help. She watches Master Chef Junior religiously and talks about what it will be like when she is on the show. It’s pretty adorable. She is a MASTER sushi maker already but the stove isn’t something I leave her to alone.

Further Back story. I despise raw eggs (and raw chicken). I can’t stand it when it gets on the counter, hands, floor, or basically anywhere. It drives me crazy when I see people crack eggs and they drip it all over. It even MORE drives ME crazy when I do the same thing. I basically call for an evacuation of the kitchen as if a bomb has just been discovered. Once I clean up the egg with multiple paper towels and disenfectent spray, we are ready to continue cooking.

TODAY I lived and let go! I left the egg cracking and cooking to her. I gave her a few tips, but I stayed out of the kitchen and let her shine. She did amazing!! She cooked herself a “gooey egg” and then went and asked her siblings what they wanted. She made them scrambled eggs and then used the leftover waffles and strawberries and made the plate look amazing. Way to go her!! I’m super proud of her and also me for just letting go of my super control egg frenzy 🙂 Famfreely friends! (Even if it’s in your own kitchen)

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